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Project Description

Graphical utility for administratiing/ configuring Windows Server Appfabric 1.1 caching. The tool supports Appfabric 1.1 read through, write behind feature.


Appfabric 1.1 - The RTM for Windows Server Appfabric 1.1 can be downloaded here. To access an Appfabric cluster from a remote machine, at least ‘Cache Administration’ features should be installed.


  • Supports read-through write-behind configuration
    • Supports automatically identifying the Provider Type for write behind
    • Support setting the Provider Setting for write behind by generating the output string
  • Supports connecting to a remote cluster
  • Supports almost all Appfabric commands (see FAQ)


What are the commands not supported in this release?

How do I request for new features /give feedback/log bugs?
To request new features/ log bugs/ provide feedback, please make use of the project home

Can I use this to administer/configure Appfabric 1.0 cluster?
Freatures like Write through/read behind are supported only in Appfabric 1.1. Even though you will be able to use basic functionalities in Appfabric 1.0, you will not get the complete benefits of Appfabric 1.1.

Additional Information

Implementing Read-Through Write-Behind.
Windows Server Appfabric MSDN.


This is not a Microsoft provided utility. This tool is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights.

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